Want to Save Money while booking a Party Bus, San Diego? Answer these super easy questions the right way.

4 SNEAKY ways limo companies take your money

How Can you Save Money Renting a Party Bus, San Diego?

If you have an event already planned and you need luxury transportation, booking a party bus should be super easy... BUT IF You answer these questions wrong, IT COULD RUIN More than YOUR EVENT or your pocketbook.

This year we interviewed the top party bus companies across the nation. Of the 40 Party Bus Companies interviewed, the following are the top four seemingly simple questions that make Limo Bus Companies rich.

First, What is the date and location of your pickup?

The day of the week will affect the price of a party bus, as much as, any other factor. Choosing a pickup during the week from Sunday through Thursday will drop $20 to $100 an hour off a Party Bus Rental in San Diego.

The location of the pickup might not seem like it matters, but consolidating the pickup into one or two stops will easily save $50 to $100 each way. Book your trip with a simpler itinerary, and if you tip the driver they'll make the extra stops.

Second, How many people will be riding with you?

The quantity of party people on your rental will change everything from whether your Limo Bus must stop when your guests need a bathroom break, whether you can stand up and dance or whether the party bus company needs more insurance coverage.

  • If you have a long trip, ask if it has a bathroom on board?
  • If you guests love to dance, upgrade from a limo to a limo bus.
  • If you have more than 35 passengers, ask whether your party bus company in California carries $5 Million Dollars in coverage?

If the price is too cheap, a bad company might not have the proper licensing and insurance. Check State and Local Certification Lookups. In California, visit the PUC Lookup, and input the corresponding TCP Numbers.

If they don't have insurance, it's possible they also skipped steps in building the bus, as well. Lookup this SD Hot Limo or this picture of a real wedding nightmare San Diego Executive Charter Bus catching fire, and the backstory of a really Burnt San Diego Limo Bus.  Whoa, call us at minimum to #ArriveAlive, please.  

Third, What kind of event are you celebrating or where are you going?

Whether it’s a brewery tour or birthday party bus, knowing the difference in just getting dropped off at the club, and being charged for the time you’re inside the club.

If you’re going to club, be sure to ask for a club transfer, and see if you can get the cover charge comped. If you hire a reputable party bus company in San Diego, they will have contacts with the major clubs and other night life spots. If they can't get you in, google a better party bus rental company.

Fourth, Is tax and gratuity included?

Some sleezy party bus companies try to sneak these charges in there. They offer a seemingly low hourly rate, and charge hidden fees and pack in pricey hoops that if you don’t jump through them properly, you will be charged after signing the agreement– sometimes the cost of the party bus will vary hundreds of dollars, because of these sneaky surcharges.

Before hiring a limo or party bus charter, save money by asking the questions above CORRECTLY

At Alive Limo and Party Bus, we never hide charges, or charge for extra pickups. Our relationships with the downtown clubs, can get you free cover at the door. We’re licensed, bonded, and insured, so, in every party bus rental you can dance with peace of mind. If we don't have the perfect vehicle, you don't need to worry. We know the good companies from the bad, and we don't mind referring you to one of our affiliates. 


Did we miss your favorite tip to save money on a Party Bus Rental? Let us know in the comments. If you have any other questions, give us a call and our party bus coordinators will make sure you save money while you Arrive Alive.

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