Transportation Services and Our Commitment to the Community

We explore new opportunities to engage the community and to make the welfare of those in it a tad bit better. We do this one step, one mile, and one event at a time.

So, don't worry if you're in charge of your group's festivities, and you don't have a plan. If you don't have a clue where to start, our event coordinators will work with you to get to where you need to be.

We deliver peace of mind. So, again don't worry if you are not the seasoned corporate planner. Our signature services free you to experience your friends and family exactly the way you envision.

Limo Bus Winery Tour Rentals
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Celebrate in a Limo Bus Rental

Wedding or Anniversary Limo Bus Accommodations

A limousine symbolizes and stamps a moment as an official declaration. We cannot speak for other companies, but when you arrive in an SD Event Limo, it always means you appreciate quality.

Quinceaneara and Birthday Limo Bus Rides

This time of year when you want to go everywhere and share, share. Share all things you care about with everyone that you care for -- now, that is a birthday.

Winery Tour Transportation Experiences

Just drinking wine in your pajamas inevitably equates to regret, and all other stages of depression. It is 2018!!! Taste the grape in its every phase of joyfulness from farm fresh to fermented fantastic.

Craft Beer Tasting Bus Trips 20% OFF*

Craft Brewing is the fastest growing industry in San Diego. One day someone will say that they do not like an IPA because they only like hops. Don't be the goof nodding your head in agreement. Grow an opinion. Get Started Today.

Photo Shoots for School Formals

Mount Helix, Sunset Cliffs, Outside the Club, Our limo buses are best photobombing your best moments! One might say your best moments happened in front of our vehicles. Submit a photo like this in a review, save money and get paid! Call us to find out how.

What Happens When You Contact Our Charter Event Coordinators?

Leverage our decades worth of knowledge to find out how to make your event a success.
Find out where everywhere to go, what's a must to know, and a Ride with a San Diego Driving Pro.

Collaborate with our Event Coordinators

You do not know what you do not know, and we have handled a San Diego Event every week for the last decade. Whew... we have learned the best lessons that we want to pass on to you. Let's start making the most of your new favorite memory.

Reserve your Time

Save Money on a Limo Bus

If you show up before this time, wear this outfit, or have these many people, you will save money on your limousine. Call us to find out.

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When to Lush and When to Rush

Our drivers know how to make sure you are at your event and not mindlessly following google directions into southbound traffic while your boo thang is swiping their celly at the bar. Know when to lush and when to rush... Our drivers do!

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Other Featured Services and Special Events

Hunting Pokemon with your eight-year-old? Planting trees for better breathing? If there's somewhere you need to be; we can get you there.

Sporting Events / Disney Land / Lego Land

Coming from Rancho to watch the Padres on Opening Day? Does your Summer School Spectacular end at Disneyland? Want to watch the Rams beat the Chargers in Los Angeles? If your team needs crowd support, bus 'em in. We will help you worry about your team in between the whistles and not about getting to the game.

Concert and Live Music Livery Service

Fist Pumping to Van Halen is excellent in the shower and is much better with 20k other fans. Get your arm warmed up with 40 to 50 others for 45 minutes before and after the show. Alternatively, you could hum quietly while bump braking for the ever cheaper parking spot. We will drive so you can stop looking and jump!!!

Casino / Palm Springs / Joshua Tree

Do you get too gitty to drive, because you win too often? We travel in that universe. Hang out with other certified All-Stars, and trade tips and tricks on the journey over. You will definitely learn the secrets to always bringing down the house.

Limo Bus Rentals that Move You

When you book with us, you're securing the prosperity of your event. With the transportation bit out of the way, you can focus on the people and places you see. Book today to start celebrating life.

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